Calcium Lactate - Food Grade-Non GMO-Vegan-Kosher - Cape Crystal Brands
Cape Crystal Brands - Calcium Lactate as 100% Natural Product | Gluten-Free & Vegan
Cape Crystal Brands - Calcium Lactate - Best firming agent - Useful in modern gastronomy - 8 oz / 227 gm
Calcium Lactate - Food Grade-Non GMO-Vegan-Kosher - Cape Crystal Brands
Calcium Lactate - Food Grade-Non GMO-Vegan-Kosher - Cape Crystal Brands
Calcium Lactate - Food Grade-Non GMO-Vegan-Kosher - Cape Crystal Brands
Calcium Lactate - Food Grade-Non GMO-Vegan-Kosher - Cape Crystal Brands
Calcium Lactate - Food Grade-Non GMO-Vegan-Kosher - Cape Crystal Brands
Calcium Lactate - Food Grade-Non GMO-Vegan-Kosher - Cape Crystal Brands
Calcium Lactate - Food Grade-Non GMO-Vegan-Kosher - Cape Crystal Brands
Calcium Lactate - Food Grade-Non GMO-Vegan-Kosher - Cape Crystal Brands
Calcium Lactate - Food Grade-Non GMO-Vegan-Kosher - Cape Crystal Brands

Calcium Lactate

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Gluten-Free, Plant-Based, Kosher (K)


Pure Calcium Lactate



Product Information


✅ THE BEST AND THE SAFEST: Cape Crystal Brands Calcium Lactate is 100% food-safe and highest quality. It is one of the best quality calcium lactates found on the market, and it will help you with your cooking. It is the best and safest choice.

    ✅ AN EXTREMELY USEFUL INGREDIENT: In foods, you can use calcium lactate as a firming agent, flavor enhancer, leavening agent, stabilizer, and thickener.

      ✅ INDISPENSABLE IN MODERN GASTRONOMY: Use it to set sodium alginate in the spherification process. Use it to create faux caviar and similar advanced decorative food items. Since it is flavorless, substitute it for calcium chloride in the reverse spherification process.

        ✅ OTHER BENEFITS: Calcium Lactate supports the absorption of calcium and magnesium. It also supports and helps maintain healthy bone density. Calcium is also critical to many body functions, including normal muscle contraction, nerve conduction, and vascular function.

          ✅ BUY WITH CONFIDENCE:  Calcium lactate food-grade powder is 100% genuine, vegan, and relevant for cooking as it is Kosher certified

            Calcium lactate (E 327) is a calcium salt of lactic acid (E270). Calcium lactate is produced commercially by neutralizing lactic acid (a natural acid produced by bacteria in fermented foods) with calcium carbonate or calcium hydroxide. In foods, calcium lactate is used as a firming agent, flavor enhancer, flavoring agent, leavening agent, stabilizer, and thickener.

            Greetings! I am Chef Oliver Bennet, culinary expert at Cape Crystal Brands. We make an unwavering commitment to enhance your cooking experience by producing and sharing knowledge about quality cooking ingredients. Today, let's delve into a remarkable, yet often underrated element that holds immense value in the realms of professional and home cooking - Calcium Lactate. This key player in gastronomy deserves recognition not just among cooks and chefs, but also in the industry of food production. So why exactly is Calcium Lactate important? Let's explore.

            Calcium Lactate: Ingenuity in Ingredient Offerings

            As a seasoned culinary professional, I acknowledge the ingenuity in ingredient offerings, particularly in products like calcium lactate. This fascinating compound is more than just another preservative in the world of food. Rather, it marks a defining moment in our visits to the kitchen, be it by seasoned chefs, imaginative cooks, or industrious food producers employing it. Calcium lactate enriches the flavor and texture of the food, transforming ordinary meals into extraordinary culinary experiences.

            Interestingly, calcium lactate and calcium carbonate aren't identical, despite sharing ‘calcium’ in their names. They both offer calcium, but the lactate variant assimilates better in the human body. Plus, calcium lactate supplements ensure you're consuming necessary amounts of this essential mineral daily. It behaves brilliantly, achieving the multiplication of its properties as an additive. Mix it in your sweet, sour, or savory dishes without fear of distinct aftertastes.

            While it's beneficial, it's worth noting that, like any substance, it can have side effects when consumed excessively. Moderation and a keen knowledge of how to use calcium lactate are thus crucial for a successful cooking experience. Cape Crystal Brands comprehends this, ensuring a balanced offering for our corporate and home-based customers.

            The Prominence of Calcium Lactate amongst Popular Products

            In today's culinary scene, the prominence of calcium lactate amongst popular products can't be overstated. As an essential ingredient, calcium lactate offers vast applications, from health supplements to varied diet options. Initiated by Cape Crystal Brands, the utilization of calcium lactate has revolutionized ingredient offerings, providing solutions that cater to a broad spectrum of dietary needs and preferences.

            Not just limited to commercial food production, even home chefs are exploring this dynamic ingredient to enhance their recipes. Thanks to its formulation, calcium lactate supplements are often preferred by health-conscious individuals aiming to fortify their diet.

            It's worth noting that though calcium lactate is widely used, it's advised to consult your doctor before integrating it into your regular cooking procedures. Its health benefits might vary according to individuals' unique dietary requirements and conditions. Research around the potential of calcium lactate is still evolving, so it's essential to keep abreast of the latest updates.

            In conclusion, the popularity of calcium lactate in various products has set a precedent in the culinary and health industries. It indeed proves the ingenuity of brands like Cape Crystal in championing forward-thinking innovations.

            Exciting Recipes Harnessing the Power of Calcium Lactate

            As a professional chef, I am constantly exploring innovative methods to enhance the flavors and textures of my culinary creations. One special ingredient that has revolutionized my cooking is calcium lactate, a salt derived from lactic acid. Calcium lactate's remarkable blending capabilities open exciting recipes that tend to increase one's calcium intake while enjoying tasty dishes.

            Whether you are a home cook pushing your culinary boundaries or a seasoned food producer aiming to offer high-quality products, incorporating calcium lactate is a game changer. Some of the most popular products in the market use calcium lactate for its health benefits and versatility. This reliable ingredient not only enhances the overall palate experience but also contributes to our daily calcium need.

            While experimenting in the kitchen, I discovered calcium lactate's ability to hold up against various cooking methods without losing its robustness. You can incorporate it in your diet through multiple ways, be it through baking, curing, or even fermenting your food.

            Cape Crystal Brands carries an array of calcium lactate products that cater to every cook's needs. From calcium supplements for additional dietary needs to pure calcium lactate for your innovative recipes, we've got you covered. Elevate your food with the power of calcium.

            Lactic Acid in Cooking: A Deep Dive

            In a profound exploration of lactic acid in cooking, we delve into understanding the importance of this transformative element. An intriguing food derivative, lactic acid, sprouts into the limelight for its pronounced impact, especially when we dive headfirst into the chemistry of cooking. It's paramount to acknowledge the integral role of calcium lactate in here. As an ester of calcium and lactic acid, calcium lactate is celebrated for enhancing food taste and longevity, hence its popularity amongst discerning cooks, chefs, and food producers.

            So, what makes calcium lactate so exceptional in the health and culinary world? The answer lies in its variegated uses. It works to improve texture in foods; maintain freshness and prolongs the shelf life of products. Calcium lactate is seen as an ingenious offering in ingredients, harnessed in exciting recipes and loved in prominent products. Nonetheless, it's crucial to understand the potential side effects of lactate calcium and incorporate it appropriately in your meals. Its health attributes surpass merely supplying calcium, lending itself to promote digestive health and bone strength in a surprisingly flavorful way.

            Unfolding the Saga: Our Story with Calcium Lactate

            Years ago, our journey into the realm of culinary sciences took a revelatory turn when we crossed paths with the wondrous ingredient – calcium lactate. As a prominent constituent in some of today’s most loved food and beverage products, calcium lactate held an allure we couldn't resist. Calcium lactate has been a game-changer; its indispensability in modern kitchens is akin to that of stalwarts like calcium and calcium citrate. We introduced calcium lactate into our Cape Crystal Brands offerings, eagerly observing its effect on maintaining optimal calcium levels and potential side effects. We were captivated, as the health benefits were clear and the side effects negligible.

            Soon, coupling calcium lactate supplements with innovative culinary techniques, we introduced a slew of dishes that were quick to capture hearts. To further our experimentations, we ventured into leveraging lactic acid in cooking. The result, undoubtedly, was history rewritten. The story of our tryst with calcium lactate is a testament to our pursuit of excellence, seeking to leave an indelible mark in the world of gastronomy.

            Specialty Ingredients: Spotlight on Calcium Lactate

            At Cape Crystal Brands, we're showcasing the versatility of calcium lactate, an essential component for professionals in the culinary world. Our product offerings shed light on this innovative ingredient, spotlighting its myriad uses in diverse recipes. Calcium lactate supplements are not restricted to health and wellness sectors alone - they have a significant place in the food industry too. Chefs and food producers appreciate lactate supplements for their role in maintaining optimal calcium levels during cooking.

            An alternative to calcium chloride, calcium lactate provides an edge in cooking. Its presence elevates a dish’s nutritional profile, while adding to its complexity of flavors. Necessity may be the mother of invention, but ingenuity drives product development. Our journey with calcium lactate is a testament to this, revealing a saga worth unfolding. Using this ingredient in exciting, unconventional recipes, we’ve spotlighted its unparalleled qualities, carving a distinct presence amongst popular products. T

            he deep dive into the use of this form of lactic acid in cooking, we believe, justifies its prominence. So, welcome to the world of calcium, vital for health and flavorful cooking.

            The Intricacies of Molecular Gastronomy: Role of Calcium Lactate

            In the dynamic world of food, where innovation is key, the name Cape Crystal Brands echoes synonymous with ingenuity. An integral element this entails is molecular gastronomy, a scientific approach to food that often involves delicate manipulation of ingredients. Underlining this practice is calcium lactate, a standout star in this field. Calcium lactate, a white crystalline salt made by neutralizing lactic acid, plays an essential role in the formation of spherification, a pivotal technique in molecular gastronomy. The cherry on top is its proven health benefits, making it a favorite amongst food producers, chefs, and, arguably, even doctors.

            The complex relationship between lactate and calcium is key to the creation of these gastronomical wonders. The trick lies in the fact that lactate calcium provides an ideal balance of ingredients, allowing for the creation of textures and flavors one would find challenging to achieve with traditional cooking techniques. The added benefit of calcium means you are also providing your customers with an essential mineral, garnering the nod of health-conscious patrons.

            With Cape Crystal Brands' calcium lactate at the core, the intricacies of molecular gastronomy become a masterpiece, exemplifying the great potential of food and creativity.

            Spherification and Calcium Lactate: An Art Perfected

            The art of spherification has been perfected using the exceptional properties of calcium lactate. Calcium lactate, a culinary marvel, has intrinsic value to cookery and food production. It has enabled industry leaders and experimental chefs to push the envelope of creativity and ingenuity, leaving patrons with lingering delights on their palates. As a chief ingredient, calcium lactate has commanded the scene of intricate molecular gastronomy. This perceived artistry has been largely implemented through innovative techniques such as spherification, where calcium plays an essential role. The product of fermentation is a model example of art and science colliding within the cooking realm.

            Your doctor may speak about the health benefits of lactate, and you will also find it efficaciously being used in health supplements. Cape Crystal Brands houses the finest quality of this dairy-derived product. We, at Cape Crystal Brands, endeavor to provide our patrons with optimum experience, integrating perfected art and health into our culinary innovations. We are globally recognized for spherification, a technique that has been perfected with calcium lactate, manifesting as the nucleus of national health and food production. Our journey with calcium lactate illustrates our dedication to wondrous gastronomic feats.

            Calcium Lactate: A Secret Health Ally?

            Many have been curious, probing the question "Calcium Lactate: A secret health ally?". Indeed, calcium lactate is more than just a culinary ingredient. At Cape Crystal Brands, we understand and emphasize the health benefits this wonder ingredient offers. Providing double rewards, it satisfies culinary needs while being an incredible health supplement. Rich in calcium, it's instrumental in maintaining bone health. The calcium in our bodies also plays a vital role in clotting blood, sending messages through the nervous system, and regulating the heart's rhythm. Regular intake of calcium lactate ensures we meet the daily recommended level of calcium.

            Moreover, lactate takes center stage in our body’s energy production during exercise. But its relevance transcends the fitness realm. Lactate presence authorizes the body to avoid acidosis, making it a crucial ally in our health arsenal. But is it just a health supplement, or perhaps more?

            At Cape Crystal Brands, we've mastered using calcium lactate in molecular gastronomy, aiding chefs and food producers in their quest for exciting recipes. We've been an ally to culinary artists, offering an ingredient that's integral in both health and culinary innovation.

            At Cape Crystal Brands, we've mastered using calcium lactate in molecular gastronomy, aiding chefs and food producers in their quest for exciting recipes. We've been an ally to culinary artists, offering an ingredient that's integral in both health and culinary innovation.

            Fighting Calcium Deficiency: Capitalizing on Lactate Supplements

            Confronting the persistent issue of combating calcium deficiency, it's imperative to understand the significant role of calcium lactate in our diets. This mineral supplement serves as a cornerstone to our health, providing elemental calcium crucial for strong bones and teeth. Calcification isn't the only noteworthy benefit, it's also essential in conducting nerve impulses, muscle contraction, and blood clotting. The absence of sufficient calcium in one's system can lead to a series of health issues.

            Having acknowledged this, the power vested in calcium lactate supplements cannot be overstated. As a prime resource in fighting calcium deficiency, it's a staple component in any balanced diet. Calcium lactate, being highly soluble and bioavailable, is an excellent product of choice for supplements. This ensures optimal absorption of calcium into the body, supporting overall health.

            Here at Cape Crystal Brands, we're working relentlessly to capitalize on this efficient form of lactate. We provide an array of products infused with calcium lactate, fulfilling dietary needs for all, from cooks and chefs to food production industries. The epitome of ingredient innovation, we're excited to be a part of this health revolution, fighting the good fight against calcium deficiency.

            Understanding the Calcium Lactate-Immune System Health Connection

            I can testify, understanding the health connection between calcium lactate and the immune system is crucial in today's culinary landscape. Calcium lactate, not just a pivotal ingredient in gourmet recipes and popular products, also plays a significant role in bolstering health-conscious eating habits. Let's demystify the relationship.

            Primarily, calcium, as we know, is essential for bone health. However, few realize its importance in supporting our immune system's optimal functioning. Regular intake of calcium lactate supplements, like those provided by Cape Crystal Brands, can significantly augment our body's viable defense mechanisms. In essence, calcium lactate is not just a flavor enhancing agent but a secret health ally in our daily diets.

            So, it's about more than just enhancing our understanding of this lactate powerhouse; it's about reformulating the way we approach food, health, and indeed, life itself. The connection between calcium lactate and our immune system isn't just a scientific fact; it's a testament to the ingenuity and potential that underlie every aspect of our experience with food. As we continue to shed light on these supplements and the intricacies of their benefits, our goal is clear: to create a healthier, more informed and flavorful world.

            Decoding Lactate: Is Calcium Lactate Derivative of Milk?

            It's time for decoding lactate, as we dig deeper into the composition of calcium lactate. This question often sparks confusion - is calcium lactate a derivative of milk? Intriguingly, despite its name, calcium lactate isn't exclusively linked to lactate, a compound found in abundance in milk products. It is, in fact, a salt made from lactic acid, which can be sourced from various places, not just milk. It's a common ingredient in food items, bolstering their calcium content with ease. The benefits of calcium, such as its impact on bone strength and overall health, are well known and almost universally accepted amongst health professionals.

            However, the link between calcium lactate and health goes beyond dietary calcium. Its rising prominence in the world of health supplements suggests a deep-rooted correlation with enhanced well-being. Renowned for its role in contributing to a balanced diet, this unassuming additive is catching the attention of many a health-conscious individual. Doctors often recommend calcium lactate supplements, especially to those with a marked calcium deficiency. Now, how's that for merging the worlds of food production and health through the power of an ingenious ingredient like calcium lactate?

             Add the Power of Calcium to Your Diet with Calcium Lactate

            Adding the power of calcium to your diet is crucial. One way to achieve that is by incorporating calcium lactate. As a highly versatile ingredient, popular among food producers and chefs alike, it not only enhances our dishes but our health as well. Calcium Lactate, a product of Cape Crystal Brands, is an essential dietary addition for those conscious about their health, actively seeking to boost calcium intake in their diet. It's a vital ingredient recognized by doctors for its numerous benefits, including strengthening our immune system.

            The use of calcium lactate in your diet extends beyond basic health reasons. Its exciting role in molecular gastronomy cannot go unmentioned. As a heart of spherification, calcium lactate helps food producers and cooks create culinary masterpieces. Moreover, contrary to common belief, calcium lactate is not a derivative of milk, providing an excellent dietary option for those with lactose intolerance.

            So why not add calcium lactate to your diet? It is a small step that could power a big difference in your health. After all, there's nothing better than a diet that not only pleases your palate but also enhances your overall wellbeing.


            In closing, Calcium Lactate's multi-functional properties make it an indispensable tool in any cook’s culinary arsenal. Its usefulness extends beyond home kitchens to professional chefs and food producers who are committed to delivering top-notch food products. With Cape Crystal Brands, rest assured that you're getting high-quality, food-grade Calcium Lactate that matches the industry's highest standards. Leverage the power of this versatile ingredient and elev

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