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Journey into a world where the velvety embrace of marshmallows no longer requires a trace of animal byproducts, and instead, luxuriates in the magic of plants. Our Ethereal Pectin-Puffed Vegan Marshmallows defy convention, harnessing the power of pectin amidated low methoxyl – an ingredient derived from the very heart of fruits. Whether you're seeking an animal-friendly alternative or just eager to explore the innovative avenues of modern gastronomy, this recipe promises a delicate, airy treat that elevates the essence of traditional marshmallows into a realm of pure, vegan delight. Let's dive into a marshmallow experience like no other!


Dec 21, 2023

There are two main types of pectin: high-methoxyl and low-methoxyl. Pectin often requires calcium to activate, especially in the case of low-methoxyl pectin.

High-methoxyl pectin relies on the presence of sugar and acid to form a gel. This type of pectin is commonly used in traditional jam and jelly recipes, where there’s a high concentration of sugar and some form of acid, like lemon juice.

Low-methoxyl pectin, on the other hand, requires calcium ions (Ca2+) to activate and form a gel. This type of pectin can gel with less or no sugar, making it suitable for low-sugar or sugar-free recipes. The calcium ions work by binding with the pectin molecules, facilitating the formation of a network that traps water and forms a gel.

But the amount of calcium needed for low-methoxyl pectin to set properly is quite small and is often present in sufficient quantities in the fruit itself. However, in some cases, additional calcium might be added to ensure proper gelling. This is particularly common in commercial pectin blends designed for home jam making, where the correct balance of pectin, acid, and calcium is essential for the desired gel strength.

Best regards,
Chef Edmund

Dec 21, 2023

Reading the info you have on your site about pectin, says it needs calcium water to activate – why is there none in this vegan marshmallow recipe?

Thank you in advance for your response,


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