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Celiac Disease Awareness Quiz

Celiac disease is a complex autoimmune disorder that affects millions of people worldwide. For those diagnosed, understanding the intricacies of the condition is vital for managing symptoms and leading a healthy, gluten-free lifestyle. But how much do you really know about celiac disease? Whether you or someone you know has been diagnosed, or you're simply curious about this often-misunderstood condition, this quiz aims to enlighten and challenge your knowledge.

Spanning topics from basic facts to more in-depth questions about symptoms, diet, and associated conditions, this quiz offers a comprehensive look into the world of celiac disease. It's designed not just to test but also to educate, raising awareness and deepening understanding about a disease that often goes undetected or misunderstood.

There are 25 multiple choice questions. You will find the correct answers at the end of the quiz as wellas instruction of how to score yourself.

If you are ready to dive in? Let's see how well you're acquainted with celiac disease. Best of luck!

Celiac Disease Awareness Quiz!

Circle you answer.

1. What is celiac disease primarily associated with?

    a) A viral infection b) A reaction to dairy c) An autoimmune response to gluten d) A reaction to nuts

2. Which grain is NOT safe for individuals with celiac disease?

    a) Rice b) Corn c) Quinoa d) Barley

3. Dermatitis herpetiformis is:

    a) A type of cold sore b) A skin manifestation of celiac disease c) A fungal infection d) A symptom of diabetes

4. Which of the following is a common symptom of celiac disease?

    a) Shortness of breath b) Chronic diarrhea c) High blood pressure d) Insomnia

5. Which test is often used to diagnose celiac disease?

    a) MRI b) Blood pressure test c) Tissue transglutaminase (tTG-IgA) test d) Lung function test

6. Which of the following is NOT a common risk associated with untreated celiac disease?

    a) Malnutrition b) Osteoporosis c) Type 1 diabetes d) Seasonal allergies

7. A gluten-free diet is recommended for individuals with:

    a) Lactose intolerance b) Celiac disease c) Peanut allergy d) Chickenpox

8. If one family member has celiac disease, other first-degree relatives:

    a) Will definitely have it too b) Have a higher risk of having it c) Are immune to it d) Will only develop it if they eat gluten excessively

9. Which body system is primarily affected by celiac disease?

    a) Respiratory system b) Nervous system c) Digestive system d) Circulatory system

10. Gluten can be found in all the following EXCEPT:

    a) Wheat b) Rye c) Eggs d) Spelt

11. Which part of the body does celiac disease directly affect?

    a) The heart b) The lungs c) The small intestine d) The liver

12. What protein in wheat triggers the immune response in celiac disease?       

    a) Casein b) Lactose c) Gluten d) Gelatin

13. Which of these is a potential complication of untreated celiac disease?

    a) Anemia b) High cholesterol c) Hypertension d) Asthma

14. Which of these foods is naturally gluten-free?

    a) Bread b) Pasta c) Fresh fruits d) Pastries

15. Can a person with celiac disease consume beer?

    a) Yes, all beers are safe. b) No, all beers contain gluten. c) Yes, but only gluten-free beers. d) It depends on how the beer is processed.

16. What does a 'gluten challenge' involve?

    a) Avoiding gluten for a month b) Eating gluten for several weeks before testing c) Challenging others to a gluten-free diet d) Identifying gluten-free products in a store

17. Which of the following grains is gluten-free?

    a) Kamut b) Buckwheat c) Farro d) Durum

18. What other autoimmune disorder is closely associated with celiac disease?

    a) Rheumatoid arthritis b) Multiple sclerosis c) Type 1 diabetes d) Lupus

19. Which of the following can be a symptom of celiac disease in children?       

    a) Rapid growth b) Weight gain c) Dental enamel defects d) Hyperactivity

20. Which of these can be hidden sources of gluten in processed foods?

    a) Vinegar b) Sodium c) Malt d) Potassium

21. What is the role of villi in the small intestine?

    a) Producing stomach acid b) Breaking down large food particles c) Absorbing nutrients from food d) Protecting against pathogens

22. In celiac disease, what happens to the villi in the small intestine?

    a) They become enlarged. b) They become flattened or damaged. c) They multiply in number. d) They produce more mucus.

23. Which of these products might contain hidden gluten?

    a) Fresh milk b) Soy sauce c) Pure orange juice d) Distilled water

24. Which of the following is NOT a category of gluten-related disorders?

    a) Wheat allergy b) Non-celiac gluten sensitivity c) Gluten-induced anemia d) Celiac disease

25. Can oats be included in a gluten-free diet?

    a) Yes, always b) No, never c) Yes, but only if they are certified gluten-free d) Only in small quantities


1 c, 2. d, 3. b, 4. b, 5. c, 6. d, 7. b, 8. b, 9. c, 10. c, 11. c, 12. c,13. a, 14. c, 15. c, 16. b, 17. b, 18. c, 19. c, 20. c, 21. c, 22. b, 23. b, 24. c, 25. c.


Each correct answer is 1 point. Add up all the correct answers and divide by 25, then muliply by 100 for your score. As an example:
  • For the quiz taker with 18 correct answers: (18/25) x 100 = 72%.
  • For the quiz taker with 10 correct answers: (10/25) x 100 = 40%.
  • 90-100%: Excellent
  • 80-89%: Very Good
  • 70-79%: Good
  • 60-69%: Fair
  • Below 60%: Needs to read up more on celiac desease


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