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This year’s food trends are sure to tantalize your taste buds and bring something new to the table. From plant-based alternatives, such as butter boards, fresh flavors and sustainability will be dominating the culinary world in 2023. So come along for a journey into an innovative universe of delicious dishes - it’s time to explore what exciting foods await!

Key Takeaways

  • Plant-based alternatives are taking over, and meat substitutes can fit any diet!

  • Spice up your life with bold flavors and exotic spices - plus, sustainable eating is the way of the future.

  • Modern Gastronomy continues its expansion
  • Transparency in food sourcing & ingredients is key: get ready to “taste the transparency”!

The Rise of Plant-Based Alternatives

Food trends toward vegetables

The food industry is trending toward a greater demand for plant-based foods.

The food industry is abuzz with enthusiasm over the increasing demand for plant-based foods. Health and environmental worries are causing consumers to opt more towards these vegetarian alternatives than ever before, prompting a shift from carnivores as everyone scrambles to meet the call for supplies of nourishment that prioritize vegetables.

What makes this kind of cuisine so attractive? We will go through some exemplary varieties in detail soon enough!

Meat Substitutes

The food industry is going through a major change due to the increasing popularity of plant-based protein sources, such as veggie burgers and “chicken”. 29% of U.S. consumers are showing interest in green lifestyles while 35% have adopted more vegetarian diets – boosting the demand for these products.

Some say that certain plant-based foods can be processed heavily. There has been an emergence in health-focused options targeting those on keto diets, which comprise gluten-free ingredients with organic choices being less carb-loaded altogether.

Dairy Alternatives

The dairy alternative scene is becoming more and more popular, with oat milk and potato milk gaining major attention. The latter of the two makes use of leaf to root cooking by taking advantage of all components from the plant for delicious food options that have lower saturated fat levels than others. Potato milk also serves as a great substitute for cream cheese in many recipes, making it an incredibly versatile choice!

Naturally, soy almond milk, cashew milk and coconut milk remain staples within this realm. They can’t compete with their new starchy competitors’ flair!

The Emergence of Butter Boards

Example of a simple butter board

Butter boards contain designer butters and butters with sweet toppings.

Butter is gaining popularity, showing up in food trends as the star of its own butter boards. Featuring a thick layer of delicious spread with savory or sweet toppings such as honey, fresh berries, dried fruits, flowers, and jams - even chili crisp and roasted garlic for those who crave something more adventurous - these dishes allow us to use leftover ingredients through zero waste cuisine. Fresh herbs also take center stage when it comes to decorating this delectable presentation! Butter Boards are sure to make your taste buds excited for every meal.

Tinned Fish Revival

Tinned fish

Traditional tinned fish is popular again.

With sustainable tinned fish now readily available, a resurgence in popularity is underway. Tinned options such as octopus, squid, mussels, and mackerel offer an array of nutritional benefits including protein and heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Shellfish like oysters also provide zinc and vitamin B12 with lower mercury content than larger varieties. To make these treats even more enjoyable to consume at home, there are brands offering lobster, rainbow trout, and other selections for the health-conscious consumer to sample, maybe even share over dinner during your own unique tinned fish date night! So next time you’re looking for something simple yet delicious or fancy but nutritious give cans another look – it just may surprise you how easily they can be prepared into diverse gourmet delights without putting too much effort in.

Gut-Health-Focused Foods

Dish of kimchi

Probiotic dishes such as kimchi have become all the rage.

The health world is embracing functional foods that provide many benefits to our well-being. We can trace this idea back in food history, where people are noticing the advantages of nourishing snacks as well as probiotics and prebiotics contained within fermented dishes like yogurt, sauerkraut, kimchi, and pickles. Another popular product remains Kombucha – a sparkling beverage created via fermentation that has been embraced by those conscious about their physical well-being.

Spice It Up: Bold Flavors and Exotic Spices

Tikai marsala and othe spicy Asian foods

Spicy bold flavors such as tikka masala and other Asian dishes are trending.

The summer of 2023 brings a plethora of exciting flavors! Jump on the bandwagon with popular tastes like cherry, green apple, and watermelon that are quickly becoming iconic. Spicing things up are chipotle, cayenne, and yuzu. All featured in fusion dishes found in restaurants - their prevalence has grown by an impressive 39% since 2021.

Treat yourself to delicious meals such as tikka masala (with either chicken or vegetables) made with bold ingredients that will tantalize your taste buds beyond belief!

Modern Gastronomy

Chile crab cooked the morden gastronomy way.

Chile crab cooked the morden gastronomy way.

In 2023, modern gastronomy continues to evolve, driven by a convergence of culinary innovation, sustainability concerns, and advanced technology. One prominent trend is the heightened focus on sustainable practices throughout the food industry. Chefs and restaurants are increasingly prioritizing locally sourced, seasonal ingredients, and there is a growing emphasis on minimizing food waste. This trend extends beyond the plate, as restaurants adopt eco-friendly packaging, energy-efficient kitchen equipment, and innovative composting methods. Diners can expect to see menus that reflect a deep commitment to both exquisite flavors and ethical sourcing.

Moreover, the integration of technology and hydrocolloids into gastronomy has reached new heights. The rise of virtual dining experiences and augmented reality menus has transformed the way diners interact with their food choices. Chefs are embracing precision cooking techniques using advanced kitchen appliances and sous-vide equipment, ensuring consistent quality in every dish. Additionally, 3D printing has found a place in modern gastronomy, allowing chefs to craft intricate edible designs and shapes that push the boundaries of culinary artistry. This amalgamation of culinary tradition with cutting-edge technology creates a dynamic landscape that delights the senses and challenges preconceived notions of dining.

Furthermore, personalization has become a hallmark of modern gastronomy in 2023. Restaurants are leveraging data-driven insights and AI-powered systems to curate unique dining experiences for individual guests. From tailored menu recommendations based on dietary preferences and allergens to crafting dishes that resonate with a diner's cultural background, this trend underscores the industry's commitment to providing unforgettable, bespoke dining moments. As technology continues to empower culinary creativity and sustainability, the 2023 gastronomic trends showcase a harmonious blend of tradition, innovation, and consciousness that cater to both the palate and the planet.

Sustainable Eating: Zero-Waste and Eco-Friendly Options

Sustainable carrots growing in a field

Back to the Earth has become more popular such as this organic carrot garden.

The food industry is feeling the pressure of Mother Earth for a shift to sustainable new trends. In 2023, consumers increasingly seek environmental responsibility in their decisions about what they eat. Innovative zero-waste cuisine has risen as one such trend that seeks to conserve resources and minimize waste while also being good for people and the planet alike. Low carbon footprint positionings are another popular tactic used by those interested in reducing their ecological impact through food consumption. Ethical claims like ‘certified humane’, ‘free range’, or even hormone-free have become must-haves when it comes to groceries today, not forgetting upcycled certified products which use ingredients destined previously for disposal! All these concepts point towards an eco-friendly future fueled by conscious consumerism who care deeply about where their food comes from – literally answering our beloved mother’s call!

Coffee Culture: Alternative Brewing Methods and Unique Offerings

Coffe from a latte machine

Flavored and supplemented coffees continue to be more in demand.

Coffee aficionados, prepare yourselves – your favorite drink is about to get a makeover by 2023! Cold brews have become the trend of choice among coffee companies like Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts. By 2025, estimates predict that this market will be worth nearly one billion dollars. But it doesn’t stop there - try something new such as olive oil-infused coffee for an extra burst of flavor in your daily dose of caffeine.

Non-Alcoholic Beverages: An Expanding Market

non alchoholic beverages

Non-alcohol consumption among Generation Z (those born in the late 1990s to early 2010s) is on the increase.

As consumers are increasingly looking for healthier options, the market for non-alcoholic beverages is gaining momentum. Adding sophistication and flavor to zero-proof cocktails, botanical ingredients such as elderflower and lavender have become highly sought after. Wellness enthusiasts can find fizzy drinks infused with functional ingredients like ginger and citrus that allow them a guilt-free way of quenching their thirst without needing alcohol at all.

Comfort Food with a Twist: Nostalgic Dishes Reimagined

Comfort food

Here is a modern take on the traditional waffle comfort food breakfast.

Comfort food is making its way back into mainstream cuisine with a twist. In 2023, the National Restaurant Association revealed that people are more eager than ever to experience familiar dishes given an updated spin using modern ingredients and global flavors. Indulge in handhelds, waffles, and other classic breakfast eats jazzed up by Jus-Rols’ Profittz Pancake Bites, sure to hit all those happy memory spots while tantalizing your tastebuds! It’s time to take nostalgia for a delicious ride as these reimagined meals bring comfort right to your plate.

Transparency in Food: Sourcing and Ingredients

Bowl of dates

Pure ingredients are sourced as clean-label foods such as these dates.

By 2023, the desire to understand food origin and its ingredients has resulted in a need for clean-labeled foods with sustainably sourced supply chains. Plant-based alternatives are pushing boundaries through inventive ways of use such as date spread or datehini. Trader Joe’s organic syrup is entirely created from Tunisian Deglet Noor dates. Great news for those looking for totally untampered items! Nothing else goes into it so consumers can keep their labels pure without worries.


There you have it – a whirlwind tour of the hottest food trends shaping the culinary landscape in 2023. From plant-based alternatives and gut-health-focused foods to nostalgic dishes with a twist and a focus on transparency and sustainability, to modern gastronomy, these trends are transforming the way we eat, drink, and think about food. So, get ready to embrace these exciting flavors, ingredients, and culinary concepts – your taste buds will thank you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Ask yourself what are the most popular food trends and their impact on this year’s food industry. Here you’ll find an answer to many of your questions. From fermented goodies such as yogurt, pickles, or sauerkraut, reinventions on classic dishes with a modern touch incorporating global flavors like pastries and sandwiches, zero waste cuisine for sustainable products, unusual coffee varieties including olive oil infused beverages or cold brews along with non-alcoholic options based on botanical ingredients while also functional fizzy drinks geared towards wellness, all these being actualized by 2023.

What foods are currently trending?

2023 is seeing the rise of some really exciting and delicious food trends. Think plant-based diets, urban farm produce, international BBQ – it’s all about tantalizing flavors and making conscious decisions when selecting your meals this year.

For those looking to add a bit of spice to their dinner routine: these are the foods you should be trying in 2021! From eco-friendly dishes such as reducetarian eating to more intense cuisines like fiery global barbeques - there’s something for everyone on offer here.

What is the trend food in 2023?

In 2023, it looks like the dinner table is getting a makeover with mood food, curry, and mushrooms topping the trend list.

Get your forks ready!

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