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Cape Crystal Brands Recipes

Spherification Process

Spherification Process 0

Spherification is the culinary process of shaping a liquid into spheres usually using sodium alginate such as Cape Crystal Brands Sodium Alginate mixed with either calcium chloride or calcium glucate lactate. Upon completion the result appears to resemble colorful caviar when filled with a variety of fruit juices.
Carrageenan As Size

Carrageenan As Size 0

In the art of fabric and paper marbling,  the solution on which the colors are floated is referred to as size.  Marbling size can be made of several different types of gel or gum, but the finest and most detailed marbling is done on Cape Crystal Brands Premium Carrageenan Size. It is offered in 2-oz, 8-oz and 16-oz packages.
  • Chef Edmund
Sodium Alginate Uses

Sodium Alginate Uses 0

Besides the food industry where sodium alginate is used in spherification in modern gastronomy, it has many beneficial uses across a wide variety of industries. Alginates are salts of alginic acid taking the form of sodium, calcium and/or ammonium alginate precipitated from brown seaweed (algae).
  • Chef Edmund
Introducing Chef Edmund

Introducing Chef Edmund 0

Every great idea starts with a problem. Ours was simple enough, really: time and time again, we found ourselves struggling with low quality cooking materials and ingredients. More often than not, the ingredients already available on the market were either too costly, or more trouble than they were worth.


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