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Brief Origins of Agar Agar a Food Gum and Stabilizer

Agar-agar is a Malaysian name with a Japanese origin. Chinese settlers in the east Indies introduced the use of Japanese agar as a food to the locals. To make the product more inviting to the population they called it “agaragar” which is a name used by the Malayans to indicate certain seaweeds and the jellies that were made from them.

How to Use Guar Gum in Your Recipes?

With Guar Gum in your kitchen pantry, creating gluten-free delicacies is no longer a hassle. Whether you are a food lover, up-and-coming chef, or just someone who dabbles with ingredients, a thickening agent like Guar Gum, with its several benefits, will have you making yummy desserts and dishes like never before.

The Ultimate Guide for Using Xanthan Gum in Your Recipes

If you check the label on any store-bought ice cream, bread, or salad dressing, chances are that xanthan gum is listed as an ingredient. This flavorless, corn-based component helps stabilize foods to give them more substance.

It's great for use in baking and home cooking, as xanthan gum works well to thicken sauces and gravies. It gives gluten-free bread a chewier element and binds creamy liquids together.

How to Use Agar Agar in Your Cooking

So why would you want to use agar-agar in cooking? Well, Vegan, vegetarian, and halal baking can sometimes feel more complicated than it needs to be. This is because meat and animal byproducts can sneak into the strangest things. Even beer, non-dairy creamer, and Altoids® might have animal byproducts.

How to Select the Perfect Gum for Any Recipe

Because of the wide selection, cooks and chefs can be confused as to which gum provides the best outcome in a recipe. There are so many to choose from. These three tables will help you select the perfect gum for any recipe.

The Importance of Gums, Emulsifiers, & Stabilizers

 As a foodie, chef, or cook, you probably already know just how important it is to get the right balance of ingredients in every creation. That is, of course, why recipes and measuring tools exist! But while every recipe contains a delicate ratio of this to that (give or take a pinch), there are a few key underdog ingredients that rarely get the praise or recognition they deserve.

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