Calcium Lactate Gluconate - For Reverse Spherification - Cape Crystal Brands
Cape Crystal Brands - Reverse Spherification Value Kit
Cape Crystal Brands - Calcium Lactate Gluconate - available in $6.49 - 14 oz / 397 gm
Calcium Lactate Gluconate - For Reverse Spherification - Cape Crystal Brands
Calcium Lactate Gluconate - For Reverse Spherification - Cape Crystal Brands

Calcium Lactate Gluconate

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Dietary Properties:

Gluten-Free, Plant-Based, Kosher (K)


Pure Calcium Lactate Gluconate



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Dietary Properties: Gluten-Free, Plant-Based, Kosher (K)
Ingredients: Pure Sodium Alginate
Allergen(s): None
Documentation: COA/SDS/SPECs/Certificates

Calcium Lactate Gluconate - For Reverse Spherification  (E327 + E578) is used as a catalyst in the reverse spherification process for liquids high in acids and alcohols in conjunction with sodium alginate when making spheres. The procedure results in spheres that gel on the outside and remain liquid in the center. Calcium Lactate Gluconate - For Reverse Spherification | Cape Crystal Brands is perfect for reverse spherification (dipped in sodium alginate bath) without adding any flavor at all to the end product. It is soluble in cold liquids and can be used with acidic, high alcohol, or fatty mediums.

 As someone who meticulously curate’s kitchen ingredients, you may have stumbled upon the name 'Calcium Lactate Gluconate', an often elusive but highly essential component in the culinary world. Chef Oliver here, from Cape Crystal Brands, offering some insights into this hard-to-find ingredient. Often associated with molecular gastronomy, it grants control over textures, transforming simple dishes into culinary masterpieces. But what exactly is Calcium Lactate Gluconate and how does it enable us to take our cooking to the next level? Let's delve into understanding this remarkable ingredient.

Ingredient Offerings: Unraveling the Functions of Calcium Lactate Gluconate

When it comes to hard-to-find culinary ingredients, calcium lactate gluconate, offered by Cape Crystal Brands, is certainly on the list. However, it's not just its rarity that makes it interesting; it also has several beneficial functions. Primarily, calcium lactate gluconate acts as a superb calcium source, enabling a host of nutrition claims beneficial to both cooks and consumers.

The primary function of calcium lactate gluconate is to elevate calcium levels in the body. Consuming adequate amounts of calcium is crucial as it plays a significant role in promoting bone growth in children and maintaining bone health in adults. A regular intake of calcium lactate gluconate can help meet the body’s essential calcium requirements and ensure optimal bone strength and development.

Another function of this ingredient is its role in serving as a versatile interaction checker in the culinary world. It has been widely used in molecular gastronomy and spherification methods, offering cooks and chefs the ability to perform culinary wonders. Given its beneficial functions, it's no surprise that calcium lactate gluconate has become a coveted item for those seeking to optimize nutritional offerings while delivering aesthetic food presentation. Its soluble nature and neutral taste make it a perfect additive in a vast array of dishes.

To conclude, calcium, specifically in the form of calcium lactate gluconate, is an important and functional ingredient that truly satisfies the balance between nutritional adequacy and culinary creativity, a much sought after combination in today's culinary world.

Properties of Calcium Lactate Gluconate in Spherification - Bridging Food Science and Art

In the realm of modern culinary science, calcium lactate gluconate reigns as a superstar ingredient, becoming particularly renowned for its role in spherification. Bridging the gap between food science and art, it's an essential tool for every food enthusiast entering the world of molecular gastronomy. What's fascinating about calcium lactate gluconate is its ability to comfortably marry the benefits of both calcium lactate and calcium gluconate. Namely, it provides a balanced form of calcium that doesn't notably alter the taste of food, making it a premier choice over other ingredients.

This unique lactate gluconate compound opens a door to an interactive experience with food and transforms ordinary ingredients into edible bubbles and beads that burst with flavor-hardly something you could pull off with daily kitchen staples! Yet, calcium lactate gluconate can be a hard-to-find ingredient, even more challenging to master.

At Cape Crystal Brands, we pride ourselves on being a go-to destination for such gems. We're a trusted source for chefs and adventurous cooks, our ingredient offerings, including calcium lactate gluconate, extend beyond the ordinary to cover the extraordinary. With us, the once hard-to-find ingredient is now readily available to inspire your culinary creations. Armed with the knowledge of how this compound works, you'll be well on your way to creating mouthwatering works of art in your home kitchen.

Calcium Lactate Gluconate: Specifications, Code, and Legal Aspects

Within both the culinary world and the food industry, calcium lactate gluconate garners attention. Not only is it a reliable pharmaceutical grade ingredient, but it's also an integral component for spherification - a molecular gastronomy technique. Produced in adherence to the highest standards, Cape Crystal Brands' calcium lactate gluconate is considered gluten free, making it an appealing option for lifestyle-driven food choices. It is essential for professionals to possess correct reference information - marketing codes, approved legalities, and all relevant specifications.

Under its E code E327, calcium lactate gluconate is approved as a safe food additive in numerous countries. It's not uncommon to find this ingredient in an array of products from cheese to pectin jellies, contributing both a unique texture and notable health benefits such as promoting bone strength.

Despite it being hard-to-find for some, Cape Crystal Brands works diligently to ensure chefs and home cooks have easy access to this specialized ingredient. Providing extensive product information, we strive to increase awareness, educate about the potential benefits, and ensure transparency over the manufacture and applications of our products.

In summary, understanding calcium lactate gluconate's specifications, its designated codes, adherence to legal criteria, and overall health benefits is vital for those passionate about the culinary arts. Rest assured that Cape Crystal Brands' commitment to superior products continues to guide our mission.

Applications of Calcium Lactate Gluconate in Exciting Recipes and Products

If you're on the hunt for noteworthy ingredients to elevate your culinary creations, look no further than calcium lactate gluconate. As an increasingly sought-after additive, chefs and food producers are marveling at the versatility of this product. From enhancing the structure of baked goods to its crucial role in the spherification technique, calcium lactate gluconate proves to be an invaluable ingredient.

Not only does it improve the texture and longevity of bread and pastries, but it also contributes to the nutritional profile of these products, making it a healthful addition as well. Furthermore, its wide usage in the production of beverages, particularly those fortified with minerals, points to its extensive applications in this industry.

Another exciting application lies in the realm of molecular gastronomy. Spherification, the process of shaping a liquid into spheres which visually and texturally resemble caviar, heavily relies on calcium lactate gluconate. This process exemplifies the spectacular blend of science and culinary arts.

A noteworthy point is that, while calcium lactate gluconate can be hard to find, our esteemed clientele can easily acquire it from Cape Crystal Brands. We are dedicated to offering not just this, but a wide array of unique, high-quality ingredients, ensuring your culinary creations are nothing short of exceptional.

Embracing Modernist Cuisine: Using Calcium Lactate Gluconate in Specialty Ingredients

As the world of gastronomy evolves, so does the role of ingredients in making food not just a means of sustenance, but an exciting and inventive experience. This is where modernist cuisine steps in, embracing unusual and specialized additives like calcium lactate gluconate. This compound is a vital part of unique culinary creations, one of those hard-to-find products sought after by ambitious chefs.

Calcium lactate gluconate, derived from natural calcium and fermented sugar, brings a whole new level of creativity to the kitchen. It’s heavily used in molecular gastronomy, particularly in the process of spherification, where it turns liquids into spheres that burst in your mouth. It’s this potent mix of food science and artistry where Cape Crystal Brands really excels.

Our selection of ingredients and products includes not just top-quality calcium lactate gluconate, but a wide range of products designed to spark culinary innovation. We understand that a great product isn't enough; speed and accuracy are key, and our approach to shipping reflects this. We make sure that chefs receive their ingredients swiftly and in top condition, helping them create masterpieces without delay.

Ultimately, calcium is much more than a nutrient; it’s a door to a world of culinary possibilities. With Cape Crystal Brands, chefs can push the boundaries of what food can be, turning every meal into a gourmet experience.


In conclusion, Calcium Lactate Gluconate is indeed a unique, but vital ingredient for multiple culinary applications. Sourcing it can be a challenge, but with brands like Cape Crystal Brands, you can be rest assured about the quality and availability of this key ingredient. Remember, being a chef isn't just about cooking - it's about knowing your ingredients, their origin, and their quality. Embrace the potential of Calcium Lactate Gluconate and enhance the taste and texture of your dishes with this versatile additive.

Frequently Asked Question

Q: What is Calcium Lactate Gluconate and what are its uses?
A: Calcium Lactate Gluconate is a culinary ingredient that plays a significant role in molecular gastronomy. Its main function is to increase calcium levels in the body, promoting bone growth and health. In the culinary world, it serves as a versatile interaction checker, enabling cooks to perform culinary wonders by controlling the textures in dishes without notably altering their taste.

Q: What role does Calcium Lactate Gluconate play in the culinary world?
A: Calcium Lactate Gluconate plays an essential role in molecular gastronomy. In spherification methods, it allows cooks to transform ordinary ingredients into interactive food experiences like edible bubbles and flavor-bursting beads. Its neutral taste and solubility make it a preferred additive across an array of foods.

Q: Where can I source Calcium Lactate Gluconate from?
A: Calcium Lactate Gluconate is available at Cape Crystal Brands. We provide a range of extraordinary ingredients, including this ingredient, to inspire your culinary creations.

Q: What are the specific applications of Calcium Lactate Gluconate in food production?
A: Apart from its role in molecular gastronomy, calcium lactate gluconate has other applications such as enhancing the structure of baked goods, improving their texture and longevity. It also serves as a health supplement in these products and is used in the production of mineral-fortified beverages.

Q: Does Cape Crystal Brands offer fast shipping for their ingredients?
A: Absolutely. At Cape Crystal Brands, we understand the importance of timely delivery. Our shipping process is designed to ensure chefs receive their ingredients quickly and in perfect condition.

This product is certified Kosher (Pareve) by OK Kosher

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