Parkia biglobosa, known in English as the African locust bean

Parkia biglobosa, known in English as the African locust bean is the source of locust bean gum.

Locust Bean Gum: A Natural Thickener for Culinary Excellence

  1. Locust Bean Gum's Culinary Role: Locust Bean Gum, derived from carob seeds, is a natural thickening agent revered for its ability to enhance texture and stability in a variety of foods and beverages.

  2. Incorporating Locust Bean Gum:

    • For creamy desserts: Add 0.2-0.5% locust bean gum to custards, puddings, or ice creams to impart a smooth, velvety mouthfeel.
    • In dairy alternatives: Enhance the texture of plant-based milks, yogurts, and cheeses by incorporating 0.1-0.3% locust bean gum.
    • In sauces and soups: Use 0.1-0.3% locust bean gum to create lusciously thick sauces and soups, without compromising flavor.
  3. Advantages for Culinary Mastery:

    • Locust Bean Gum is known for its compatibility with other hydrocolloids, allowing chefs to achieve custom textures.
    • Its neutral taste ensures that the flavors of your culinary creations shine through, even as it improves consistency.
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