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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it Really Free, or Do I Have to Pay Something?
This is 170-page full-color publication normally sells for $24.95. But we are offering to select customers like you absolutely free as our thank you gift for your purchase of Cape Crystal Brands products. It is FREE. There are NO hidden fees, NO credit card charges, and NO shipping costs.
So, What’s the Catch? Do I Have to Do Something?
The only thing we ask is that you tell us your experience with the purchased product. Sharing your experience will help us improve our product and our service to
What Are the Conditions to Qualify for the Promotion?
This offer is valid only for customers that purchased the product at full price.
How Long Will it Take to Receive My FREE Cookbook?
If you qualify for the FREE Cookbook, you may immediately read it online or download the PDF or ePub versions now.
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