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Cape Crystal Brands Recipes — cheesecake recipe

Secret to Great Desert Toppings

Secret to Great Desert Toppings 0

Nothing beats a classic dessert like cheesecake. However, most cheesecake aficionados would agree that no cheesecake is complete without its berry topping. When you top a cheesecake with such a fruity compote, it can turn plain cheesecake to extraordinary. But very often, adding that special fruit-flavored topping over cheesecake can be inconsistent. Even worse, the topping eventually waters down the surface of that perfect filling you worked so hard for. But never fear! We have the secret for perfect cheesecake toppings every time. And it is so simple to create. It is just a small added step. By adding agar agar powder, a mixed berry compote transforms into a delicious layer of fruity flavor that sits evenly atop any luscious cheesecake. Agar agar sets more firmly than gelatin, and can also withstand very high temperatures without melting. Agar agar is also free from all animal products, as well as gluten, wheat, corn, soy, and yeast.


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