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All About Molecular Gastronomy

The term molecular gastronomy was coined in 1988 by Hungarian physicist Nicholas Kurti and French chemist Hervé This, who developed the approach of exploring the scientific principles behind traditional cooking techniques. Molecular caviar is made through the technique of spherification, where a flavored liquid, such as a fruit juice, is combined with powdered sodium alginate, then added by droplets into a solution of cold calcium chloride, whereupon the liquid forms small jellylike spheres that resemble caviar. Spherification kits are available for home cooks who want to try the technique.

Spherification - The making of Faux Caviar

How to create beautiful and flavorful Spherification as seen in modern cuisines.

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We are a specialty premium food ingredient supplier for cooks and chefs throughout the USA and Canada. We offer such ingredients as agar agar, carrageenans, sodium alginate, tara, locust bean and many other gums, fruit powders and related items. We offer free cookbooks with many delicious and tasty recipes using our ingredients that you can download from our website.

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